Personalized B2B Email Marketing Apps for Eloqua

create dynamic content

Create Personalized Content

With Elevate Predict you can inject email with content personally targeted to each recipient – automatically!

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one to one messaging

Select Relevant Content Quickly

Elevate Pick allows you to quickly view your best pieces of content, then drag, drop and edit!

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data driven results

Select Content That Performs

Elevate Discover helps you find the very best performing content for your email marketing campaigns.

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Who Uses Elevate?


Since adding Elevate to our email marketing toolkit, we’re amazed at how dramatically our engagement has improved.



Ian Chamandy, Blueprint Business Architecture

How Can Elevate Help Your Email Marketing?

email open rates

Increase Email Open Rates

Easily automate the process of creating dynamic content for your email marketing. Cut the creation time in half!

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increase revenue

Increase Revenues

Drive engagement with personalized email communications. The right content from trusted and owned sources.

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decrease workload

Decreased Workload

Detailed analytics to uncover actionable insights to help drive better results for your email marketing efforts.

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Stay Informed!

Get free advice, resources and ideas on how to simplify your Eloqua emails.



Who Is Elevate?
Elevate brings personalized, dynamic content and deep insights to B2B email marketing.

By injecting email marketing communications with dynamic content targeted to each unique recipient, Elevate is ushering in a new era in B2B email marketing. Elevate has streamlined the process of building newsletters and nurture emails for B2B marketers, simplifying content discovery and providing deep new insights in to both content and audience. Analytics become actionable, allowing marketers to optimize content to yield clickthrough rates 5x over industry averages, improving both engagement and revenue.  Putting it simply, Elevate makes creating effective B2B email marketing fast and easy.